Healthcare Science Assistant

Healthcare Science Assistant


Healthcare Science Assistants support healthcare professionals.

Day-to-day Tasks

  • label, sort and store samples
  • help with sample analysis
  • put together chemical solutions
  • load and operate machines
  • use a computer to input and analyse data
  • dispose of hazardous waste
  • sterilise equipment
  • maintain stock levels


Leicestershire has the first UK Life Science Enterprise zone with many organisations looking to recruit young people in the local area: Charnwood Campus | Loughborough Science Park Charnwood Campus


You could work in an office, in a laboratory or at a GP practice.

You may need to wear protective clothing.

Working Hours

Hours vary depending on the organisation but typically you will work in shifts Monday-Friday.


£18,000-£24,000 per year depending on experience


You don’t typically need qualifications, but you could take a college course to help improve your chances of finding work. Courses include:

  • Level 2 Certificate or Level 3 Diploma in Applied Science
  • T Level in Healthcare Science

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