Sewing Machinist

Sewing Machinist


Sewing machinists make clothes, accessories and soft furniture.

Day-to-day tasks

  • follow a set of instructions for each sewing job
  • sew different fabrics like cotton, wool, leather or industrial textiles
  • draw threads through and change machine settings for different jobs
  • feed material through the machine
  • stitch together clothes, samples or other items
  • check finished work against the pattern instructions
  • carry out quality control checks
  • clean and oil machines


Textile and garment factories or high-end boutique shops that do alterations.


You could work in a factory or in a workshop. Your working environment may be noisy. You could work at home as a freelance machinist.

Working Hours

Hours vary depending on the organisation but typically you will work in shifts Monday-Friday.


£15,000-£21,000 per year depending on experience


There are no set entry requirements for this route.

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