Aerospace and Satellite Technology

Leicester and Leicestershire is famous for our National Space Centre. Do you want to work in this out-of-this-world industry?

Space technology is used in many ways to support our modern life, from medical devices to weather forecasting to satellite navigation like Google Maps. Satellites are used to look back at the Earth in search of hidden and illegal activity. This helps fight economic and security challenges as well as providing vital tools in environmental protection.
Our Space Park in Leicester is a world-leading hub for the space industry. Currently, this sector employs more than 5,000 people locally across 160 businesses.
The University of Leicester and Space Park have supported with the James Webb Space Telescope – they were Mechanical Engineering Leads for the MIRI instrument. This is the coldest of the 4 science instruments on NASA’s current flagship space observatory. One of the most complex missions ever launched it is already revolutionising our understanding of the universe.


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The sector is growing and needs more than 30,000 new workers. Could this be you? Lift-off your career in the Space industry!

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You don’t just have to be an astronaut to work in the space sector.
Ideally the sector is looking to recruit young people with combined technical skills. But is also looking for soft business skills including things like team working.

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