Agri Food and Drink

Food and drink is vital and this sector kept the nation fed during the pandemic lockdowns.

The Food and Drink industry is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK. It employs approximately 14,000 people from small handcrafted goods companies to large producers. Leicester and Leicestershire have some huge names based here, such as: Mars, PepsiCo, Samworth Brothers, Stilton Cheese, Melton Mowbary Pork Pies, Pukka Pies and Walkers Crisps.
Have a flair for food and want to be creative? This is a great, essential sector to work in, with over 100 different job roles!


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Roles are broad and exciting and range from the farm all the way to the fork. Here are a few: Product development, Growing, Processing, Manufacturing, Quality testing, Package design, Distribution and Sales

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Innovation and creativity are very important across all the roles in the Food and Drink sector.
Each year over 8,000 new products are introduced and need designing, manufacturing, and selling in a very competitive market; companies are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition.
The environmental movement is seeing innovation with:
Eco-friendly packaging
Reducing food waste in their production process
As well as more variety; more vegan, vegetarian and healthier options.

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Agri Food and Drink

Red – Formal qualifications required – GCSEs Grades 4-9, Level 3 qualifications, A levels or Degree

Amber – Some formal qualifications may be required at Level 2 depending on the employer this will vary depending on the organisation and position

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