Textiles and Fashion

Leicester and Leicestershire has a hub of textile manufacturers and garment (clothes) makers.

Leicester and Leicestershire has a long history in this sector and continues to maintain a hub of textile manufacturers and garment makers. Every component is available to make a complete garment locally; local young people are welcome who are dedicated, keen to learn and eager to keep Leicester at the ‘heart and centre’ of textiles. The benefits of UK sourcing are vast and are necessary to move towards a carbon neutral future.
The sector includes designers, printers, knitwear manufacturers, garment makers, fashions houses, and fabric and label services. 25,500 people are employed in the sector across 2,255 employers.
The new Leicester-based Fashion Technology Academy was created to offer a range of apprenticeships and courses to support local young people into the industry, including a Level 3 Fashion studio apprenticeship and a Level 4 in Product Technology, and a range of Level 1 and 2 courses.
An area Apparel & Textile Manufacturers Federation (ATMF) was launched in 2022 to support the sector, promoting ‘Brand Leicester’ and helping to ensure ethical work and sustainability.

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Jobs in demand include: machinists, pattern cutters, CAD and 3D Design, knitting machine technician and programmer, marketing, and social media roles.

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Red – Formal Qualifications required – GCSE’s grades 4-9 , Level 3 Qualifications , A levels, or Degree

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